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Perfekt General Purpose Microfibre Pack10

Perfekt General Purpose Microfibre Pack10

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Premium Microfibre Cloths (300 gsm)

Yellow PACK OF 10 

These are high quality warp knitted microfibre cloths with a high (30%) polyamide content. They are a very soft, but versatile cloth.

Manufactured with a high splitting ratio, ultra split, to produce a very soft cloth that is ideal for a multitude of uses, we make this cloth in 3 sizes making it extremely versatile and perfect for literally hundreds of uses, from face flannels to hair towels, polishing cloths to tea towels and many, many others. We also make it in a 90 x 45 cm size, as hair towels.

The hems are produced using the same material content as the cloths, thereby reducing the risk of scratching to almost zero.

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