About us

AutoPerfekt Ltd are delivering the highest quality Automotive care products to you. Our products have been specially formulated by us to give you the best experience, and more importantly, the best results. It is important for us that all of our products are easy to use and safe on your vehicles, whilst providing excellent results.
We have a group of talented individuals at AutoPerfekt, who are always available to deliver the best possible service. Technical Officer Lloyd Allam handles the Research & Development of our products. Calum Campbell is our Master Detailer and our internal expert in the product use, who along with Lloyd ensures our products are excellent.
Paul Marshall is leading the business to ensure we develop not only great products, but a great experience for every AutoPerfekt customer.                                                            
We spent months perfecting the chemistry of our car care products prior to our relaunch in 2021. We understand that detailing is not a chore, but can be a therapeutic experience. We also house the best equipment to help you in your detailing process.                                                                                                     
The product focus is to provide enthusiasts and professionals alike, with products that will give premium results, whilst ensuring they are safe to use on your vehicles and protect sealants, waxes & coatings.
We have a long list of products readily available, and more coming along the way. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels for new product releases. 
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Company Number - SC715307