Welcome to Auto Perfekt Worx! 


Auto Perfekt are happy to announce that we are starting our own detailing faction, Auto Perfekt Worx. Our team of paint correction and protection specialists have worked hard preparing for the launch, and have big plans for the rest of the calendar year. We’ve put together everything you need to know about this exciting step in our detailing journey
Auto Perfekt Worx (or AP Worx for short), are a team of skilled and experienced detailers that have joined the Perfekt family to deliver a quality service using quality products. They specialise in both paint correction and paint protection. They deliver reliable ceramic coatings that can protect your car for a number of years, keeping it safe from all of the outside elements. There services don’t stop there. AP Worx will supply body kits, analyse car performance, offer vinyl wrapping and even window tinting too.
The team will be led by our Master Detailer, Calum Campbell. Calum has been running his own business since 2017, and is now taking the next step in his detailing career with Auto Perfekt. The AP Worx team also offer knowledge of the chemistry behind detailing to their customers, giving them a better understanding of the process.
Auto Perfekt will exclusively use our own Auto Perfekt products for their business. They will also be the first to test any potential new products we create, such as our new ceramic range which is coming very soon. All of the products we produce are designed with detailers at heart, by being easy to applicate and safe for all ceramic coatings and waxes.
It doesn’t stop there. Auto Perfekt Worx will creating their own detailing academy very soon. This will be an opportunity for new detailers to learn new techniques for their own businesses. A unique service with the goal of strengthening the relationship between detailers and their clients across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Auto Perfekt Works has a passionate and experienced team behind it, looking to deliver the highest quality service with our own formulated products. Both ourselves and the Worx team have big plans for the summer and the rest of 2022. Stay Tuned!        


contact Worx@autoPerfekt.co.uk for any enquiries