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Auto Perfekt

Perfekt Ceramic Foam

Perfekt Ceramic Foam

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Our ceramic based snow foam provides a hydrophobic coating to make protecting your car easy. By using this in your maintenance wash, the hydrophobic protection will encourage water-borne dirt and contamination to simply slide off rather than stick to paint work. 

Our ceramic foam can be used as either a standalone product or used to boost an existing wax or sealant on your vehicle. The snow foam will provide up to 2 months protection if applied and cared for effectively. 

Directions of use: 

1) Thoroughly wash your vehicle. 

2) Measure 1:10 of the product with water ratio, larger vehicles may require slightly more.  

3) Ceramic snow foam must be applied to a wet vehicle, we recommend a thorough rinse before application . 

4) Spray the product onto your vehicle and allow to dwell for no longer than 2 minutes. 

5) Rinse off the product and watch the magic happen. 

6) Dry using a car blower or an Auto Perfekt drying towel. 

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