Addressing the Dressing

Addressing the Dressing

Cleaning a car is a simple process. We remove all of the dust and dirt that collects while we are out on the roads to keep it looking fresh and new. Applying the finishing touch is a step that a lot of us miss out on, however. We at AutoPerfekt want to show you why dressing both your tyres and your interior can give you huge results that you wouldn’t get with a simple wash

A dressing is the finishing touch to the car cleaning process. It ties the know on all the hard work that has been put into the vehicle. Apply it after your car has been washed and dried to see the difference it can make. There are two types of dressing we stock here at AutoPerfekt. One for tyres and one for your car interior.


Tyre dressing

Our tyre dressing gives your tyres that rich, black look to make it feel like new rubber. It’s a very flexible asset, allowing you to control if you want the glossy finish or the matte effect. Our spray allows the product to get into tyres more effectively than a gel or a cream. Tyres will fade over time, and can make or break the look our car if not addressed properly.

Spray the dressing onto your tyres when they are clean and dry, then rub it into the tyre with a good cloth. Simple as that. Our Tyre Dressing has been formulated to work alongside any other waxes or sealants your tyre already has, eliminating any potential problems. If you want to give your tyres that advanced look, there’s no better product out there.


Interior Dressing

Interior dressing is the key to giving your interior that exquisite finish. From your seats to your dashboard. Designed to work with all types of materials you may find inside a car. Leather, Suede, Alcantara you name it. A great product for removing water spots, too.

Make sure to have a good microfibre cloth handy, and you’re good to go.


These are accessible products, not reserved for the professional detailers and premium car washes. All you need is a little care for the big results. It can also bring out the shine on those sunny days. We use it in all of our detailing jobs and we recommend it to all car owners out there.

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